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Workshop clinic options for Middle and High school jazz ensembles are available upon request. Students often are curious to meet and work with the composer of the songs they are currently playing. The end of each workshop is opened up to host a short Q & A period for students wanting to ask questions regarding my background and general song writing strategies and techniques.

For availability and applicable fees please send inquiry using the email icon below.   


I offer custom song arranging and or composing services. On occasion band teachers and musical directors will want to perform certain songs however can't find an existing arrangement, I am available to do custom writes or rewrites. Depending on the size of the project fees will vary. 

For further information and to discuss timeline please send inquiry using the email icon below.  

Jazz Ensemble  Level 2  (Instrumental)

Junk Mail Blues.jpg

Jazz Ensemble  Level 3  (Instrumental)

Ready or Not.jpg
When Time Stands Still.jpg
So Glad You Called.jpg
Got It.jpg
A Night To Remember.jpg
Alice in Wonderland.jpg
Far Away Things.jpg
Mack The Knife.jpg
Alice in Wonderland.jpg

Jazz Ensemble  Level 4  (Instrumental)

Making It Count Hard Cover Level 4.jpg
On The Sunny Side of The Treet.jpg
Woulda Coulda Shoulda.jpg
Sing Sing Sing.jpg

Jazz Ensemble  Level 5  (Instrumental)

Prelude To The Big Band.jpg
Dinner At Eight.jpg

Jazz Ensemble  Level 3   (Vocal)

At Last.jpg
Quando Quando Quando.jpg
Come Fly With Me.jpg

Jazz Ensemble  Level 4  (Vocal)

Me and Mrs. Jones.jpg
I Feel Good.jpg

Jazz Ensemble  Level 5  (Vocal)

I'm Feel'n Good.jpg
Bye Bye Blackbird.jpg
Pennies From Heaven.jpg

Trombone Quartet Level 4

On Green Dolphin Street.jpg
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